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[G] gets 'A' rating in SELF

Self Magazine June 2009 Cover
June 2009 SELF Magazine Review:

"After round one, I was ready for more!" one grateful user exclaimed.

[G] in Redbook Sex-Life Road Test

"I really like lubes, and this one felt great - it was very silky and slippery, it definitely did the trick. It also worked well on my man."

"He says: "This was slippery and felt good to the touch."

[G] Stimulating Testimonials

"My God, Thanks Again"

"My God, I bought [G] and the We-Vibe together 2 weeks ago and just now am finding the time to write to thank you as I've been too busy pleasuring myself on a nightly basis. If you don't hear back from me for a couple months its probably because I bought two more bottles of [G]. Thanks again."

--B.F., Wilmington, N.C. on June 14, 2009


"Before trying [G]..."

"Before trying [G] Female Stimulating Gel the only way that I could give my girlfriend an orgasm was by performing oral sex on her. After using [G] Female Stimulating Gel I can pretty much give her an orgasm anytime that I want. If you guys are ever in Houston look me up and I'll get you all a couple of rounds of beer."

--T.J., Houston, TX on May 28, 2009


"Thanks and Help!"

"Normally my wife is the one telling me that she isn't in the mood for sex, however since getting [G] Female Stimulating Gel I've been the one having to turn her down. Thanks and Help!"

--A.H., Georgia on February 24, 2009


"We couldn't believe how quickly and intense her body began to quiver"

"The first time we used this we couldn't believe how quickly and intense her body began to quiver just while I was applying it. Needless to say every night is a [G] Female Stimulating Gel night."

--R.T., Cleveland, OH on November 5, 2008


"My fingers now have the power"

"My fingers now have the power to give my girlfriend extremely intense orgasms whenever I put [G] Female Stimulating Gel on them, it really is a neat trick that she enjoys me doing every night. Thanks."

--D.B., Chicago, IL on October 11, 2008


"It really just makes sex more enjoyable"

"It really just makes sex more enjoyable."

--Anonymous on May 21, 2008


"A few drops is all I need to get going"

"The sensation I get from using G is very sensual, a few drops is all I need to get going."

--Anonymous on April 10, 2008


"It's smooth and feels great!"

"If you are looking for a product to enhance sex, try this product. My husband and I use it regularly. It's smooth and feels great!"

--Megan, Poughkeepsie, NY on April 3, 2008


"We love this product!"

"We love this product. It comes in a clean and easy to use pump so there's no mess! Our sheets don't get stained and I can hide it under my pillow without it leaking. It's just a fun product."

--Anonymous on March 16, 2008


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